Have I mentioned lately that I ♥ BeanShell for Java?

I haven't said much about it lately, but I'm still working on my PersonalWebProxy - only this time I'm playing with Java and all the goodies I was wishing for while in Python. I've got Jena and Lucene and HSQL and BSF and Quartz and Muffin and... well, a lot of stuff that feels pretty nice to me.

But, with respect to BeanShell in particular, I've got a lot of the nifty live hackability that I had with the things I was playing with in Python. With no more than 5 lines of code, I've tossed a live interactive shell into my running proxy, into which I can telnet or access via Java console in a browser. With this, I can get into the machinery before I take the time composing a UI, inserting/removing plugins at will, tossing together new proxy filters on the fly, composing RDQL queries adhoc, tweaking Lucene searches.

Fun stuff, and so easy. But, sorry, no further code from me yet. It's very ugly, and barely works, but it's just a sketchpad at the moment. I hope to have a little something before the end of the month to pass around, should anyone still be interested.


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