And one more post for the night: I wish Safari gave AppleScript access to read and manipulate bookmarks. If it does, I can't find it. I've been playing around with AppleScript folder actions, Matt Webb's link blogging folder hack, and BlogScript. I've been thinking, for good or bad, I'd like to do more link blogging. Well, in Safari, I've created a toolbar bookmark folder called "READ/BLOG QUEUE" into which I drop links for later reading and/or blogging.

So... If I could get at that bookmark folder via AppleScript, I could schedule and generate a templated blog entry for auto-posting every night, listing just the links I've left in that bookmark folder, and clear it out when it's all done. I could do the same thing with just a Folder Action enabled desktop folder, but it's just so much more convenient to drop things on the toolbar.

And then, there's the other wild idea I'd use scriptable bookmarks for: RSS aggregation. Imagine bookmark folders dynamically generated and updated from RSS feeds. Maybe even one big bookmark folder with RSS items aggregated from many feeds. This seems somewhat appealing to me.


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  • I have a bit of perl that'll parse the .plist bookmarks file and uses the XML-RPC interface to post from a given folder to an MT blog. It won't remove the bookmarks from the folder, though.