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Finally! All of those pop-ups, pop-unders, DoubleClick cookies, and epilepsy-inducing banners were really getting to me. And if Mark Pilgrim can do for full frontal nudity what he did for web accessibility, I'm sure we're seeing the start of something big here.


Archived Comments

  • Is there a FOAF property for "URL of full frontal shot"?
  • Yes, thank you, that's exactly what the Semantic Web needs to gain mainstream acceptable: machine-readable porn. It's so obvious, I'm amazed no one at the W3C has thought of it yet.
  • I've always said that porn is second only to the space program as a driver of technology. The astronauts brought us Tang and space-age fibers, while porn brought us the age of streaming media. RDF NEEDS MORE PR0N!
  • The Spermatic Web