Here's a little something I whipped up last week: BlosxomPaginate.

I've been using Blosxom and Blagg for my news aggregator lately, just for a change, and one thing I was really missing was some way to see entries that fell off the end of the front page.

So, I made this. It lets me flip back and forth between pages of Blosxom entries, and I even went so wild as to include full flavour-based template support of the display of the navigation elements.



Archived Comments

  • Looks cool, i've been playing with blosxom on my powerbook. Even wrote a small script to convert all my MT entries over. But have went live or anything yet. This looks like a very handy plugin. I've played with blagg as well. Mainly at work with a very limited set of sites to check. The one thing that i didn't like was that everytime I run it, i get a full list of entries instead of just the new ones since i last read it. To bad there is no aggregator for Pine, short of running your own nntp server and rss2nntp scripts :)
  • Ah it in sort! I hadn't even considered that. I'd still like a second shot at filtering, though, with the list of stories that match the category/date requirements -- that way this could worth with subpages too, not just the main index.
  • There actually *are* a few scripts that've been set up to read rss feeds in email. The one I'm using is at but there are a couple of others. Believe me, if it hadn't existed, I'd've had to write it myself, since I didn't much like any of the in web browser rss clients, most of which had the same problem, downloading everything, not just new entries. Yuck! And I can't easily run any of the other rss clients due to spending all my time in emacs.
  • yvonne, thanks for the pointer. I'm headed that way now.