So, as I'm working to recover all the old tools I knew and loved on my iBook, I see this on the Searchling home page:

Work on Searchling has ceased to focus on its successor -- iSeek.
...and there are no downloads for searchling available, neither binary nor source. Harumph!

And the screenshots of iSeek don't please me much -- I see a search field wodged into the menu bar in place of the nice, slick ghostly search field that would materialize with a quick Cmd-Space or a click of the magnifying glass. Gagh. My menu bar's already crowded enough with menu entries on this 12" screen as it is.

But, if I'm completely wrong, and there ends up being a feature to make iSeek work and feel just like my old friend the Searchling... well, then I say congratulations to its author for cobbling together a saleable lil widget, and I'll be waiting impatiently for its release. :) shortname=no_more_searchling

Archived Comments

  • Click that link and download the version there. It's v1.1b(v110). That is hit#6 for google:Searchling 1.1 : )
  • Boy I suck at these comments. Click this link to download Searchling 1.1 from a Japanese site. This came up as hit #6 on google for Searchling 1.1. :-D
  • Re: Searchling is now open source. The developer who worked on it has it posted on his .Mac page: