0xDECAFBAD (I love that name) has a new design, powered by Blosxom. I like it. You're going in my bulging blogroll, Les.

My referrer monitoring scripts have been out of action since shortly after I revised my site design, so I've been missing links. Today, I fired things up again for the first time since the beginning of the months and caught the above. Wow, and I'm an Elite Geek, at that!

Welcome to 0xDECAFBAD! You can do anything at 0xDECAFBAD! The unattainable is unknown at 0xDECAFBAD! Yes, this is 0xDECAFBAD, and welcome to you who have come to 0xDECAFBAD! Welcome!

(Please tell me someone out there knows what I'm going on about.) shortname=arthurs_blogroll

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