Been out of touch with my usual online haunts as of late, and have barely had time to think straight, let alone write.

My girlfriend and I have moved just from one end of town to the other, and we have an overlapping month of leases between the new place and old. In theory, this is plenty of time to accomplish moving and cleaning and decorating. But, some things are hard to move gradually, especially when both she and I have compact cars and trucks rent by the hour. And then there's the fact that our new residence is found on the third floor, providing much exercise to the both of us. So, it's been a hectic couple of weeks so far, though well worth it for us to start settling down in new and improved digs.

And then, right in the middle of things, I was offered an opportunity for a few months' work as a contractor for a startup located almost (but not quite) within walking distance of the new apartment. So, I decided to snatch that up, and since then things have been doubly busy. Whew. This'll give me some breathing room to figure out what's next, hopefully.

So anyway, here's hoping things settle down a bit and stop feeling like I've jumped the tracks. After getting life in general into some semblance of happy chaos, I hope to get a chance to catch up on happenings and maybe even take a stab at some of my projects around here again.


Archived Comments

  • Nice! Sounds like things are going pretty well, albeit busy.
  • What's the other end of town, considering Ann Arbor is classified as "way out there". And if you still have the need for a truck, give me a buzz. I have just such an animal.
  • hey les, happy to see you're still alive. lemme know when i can buy you a lunch to say thanks for all of your great ideas. (i'm an a2 local)