Hanging out on joiito on IRC today, I read Ecyrd asking around about any tools to present GNU-style changelogs as an RSS feed. I couldn't find any, but I did find this changelog parser, apparently by Jonathan Blandford. So, when I had a few free minutes, I took some parts I had laying around, along with this parser, and made this:

This is at the "it works" stage. It needs much work in what it presents in an RSS feed, so feel free to suggest changes! shortname=cl_to_rss

Archived Comments

  • Subversion (http://subversion.tigris.org/) can output logs in XML. It is really easy to use XSLT to generate RSS from these logs.
  • Well, the thing about this particular case is that this ChangeLog file is hand-maintained in the GNU style. I've also seen that Emacs has some tools for maintaining these files as well. Otherwise, there're tools for CVS logs to RSS as well. I do keep meaning to check out Subversion though.
  • Man, I owe you at least two beers now. Thanks again! :-)