I haven't been paying attention to my referrers as much lately, but I probably should. Because, when I do, I find things like another implementation of BookmarkBlogger in Python, this one by David Edmondson.

His version has many fewer requirements, using only core Python libraries as far as I can see. One of these which I hadn't any idea existed is plistlib, "a tool to generate and parse MacOSX .plist files". When I get another few round tuits, I'll likely tear out all the XPath use in my version and replace it with this. Bummer. And here I thought I was all clever using the XPaths like that in Python :)


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  • This is the same way I was going for my MT API after not being able to get 4suite built. It's worth mentioning that plistlib requires pyexpat, so it won;t work on a vanilla Apple Python - you either need to build pyexpat or download MacPython 2.3