In case anyone is interested in using with blosxom in place of my own BookmarkBlogger, get yourself a copy of xmlstarlet and check out this shell script:

You could do this with XSLT, but hacking with a REST-ish & XML producing web service entirely in a shell script seemed oddly appealing to me that week. Extending this sort of thing to blogging systems other than blosxom is left as an exercise to the reader.

Update: Hmm, looks like one of the blosxom plugins I'm using hates the variables in my code above. So I stuck curly braces in, which seem to get through okay.


Archived Comments

  • It's probably the interpolate_conditional or interpolate_fancy plugin - it tends to dislike entries that contain dollar symbols. I've wrestled with it in the past, but now I don't bother - I just use $ to represent $ instead.
  • Hi, Cute script. I changed the last line like this to remove the file if it has got no links: if test `cat ${FN} |wc -c` = 18; then rm ${FN}; else touch -d "${DATE} 23:59" ${FN}; fi