So I've had the daily link posts going for a little while now—long enough to dominate the front page, anyway. What do you think? I'm not quite satisfied with them, and I've gotten mixed feedback from people who alternately thing the fresh infusion of posting from me is good, versus others who think the blog is polluted now and looks like a linkspam farm.

I like funneling my posts here because I use them as a sort of sub-aside, a bit like the sentence-wise output of outline style blogging. But, of course, that's not always a good thing, though it can be good when done well (in WordPress) and it definitely has reached maturity as a style.

I'm thinking I may disable the nightly posts soon and think about swapping over to a better style based on what I originally wanted to do and half-heartedly implemented over on my secret neglected blog Hacking Feeds. I've got the cute little coffee bean to use as a bullet point—I originally envisioned the page with a stippled column of them down the left.

Archived Comments

  • I prefer granularity in my feeds and social-esque aggregation over convenience of subscription, but I think both sides have pretty good arguments. I had to pull you from my inbox when you started, let me know if you do stop the daily posts so I can re-add you.

  • I actually like getting the links as a block, makes for quick skimming, but I'd love to have them in a seperate feed as I keep all of my linkblog subscriptions in their own folder.

    Also don't know if you have a flag that you use to distinguish links for re-publishing vs. del links for personal memory enhancement, but I found that using del as my linkblog meant I used it less as I was required to come up with something witty to say. Now my linkblog pumps into (or will when I fix it again) vs. the other way around.

  • I actually like getting the links as a block

    That said, I'm inclined to think that this is something I should make happen in my aggregator vs. at the feed level. So yeah, more granularity.

  • I like seeing the links on your blog, instead of having to get them separately from I don't have a strong preference about how they appear on the page or in your feed(s).

  • As I said in our chat yesterday I don't actually mind that much myself as I'm reading via an aggregator and it's easy to skip the links when I don't feel like reading them. And overall I find them rather interesting.

    But I would still love to be able to subscribe to two different feeds (articles vs. links), which is essentially the way it was before. There are simply times when you don't have the time to evaluate a list of thirty random links, and full articles imo are way more accessible to consume quickly.

    I also think that your blog makes a less great impression to first-time visitors, when all they see is an impermeable noise of link text, intermixed with the occasional article.

  • Put me squarely in the "keep it separate" camp. I already subscribe to your delicious feed, no need to see it again.

  • I love this style you've adapted. Been considering it myself since I look forward to your one post full of excellent links per day. keep it up please.

  • Umm... no offense but I'm pretty close to unsubscribing. But then I might miss your next Computer Scientist post. I'm for separate feeds.