Introducing Professional JavaScript Frameworks, my first multi-author book project and the result of almost 2 years' writing, editing, revising, and cat herding. The author roster changed a few times in the process, as did the editorial oversight, but finally the thing's hitting shelves.

This one's been a long time coming, but it's finally sitting in my grubby little hands:

My contribution to this book includes all of the material from The Concise Guide to Dojo, plus a second concise guide worth of material on the MooTools JS framework. In addition to my work, you can find the work of Ara Pehlivanian on YUI, Scott Koon on Prototype, and Harley Jones on ExtJS.

Archived Comments

  • Congrats. This also will be great for all the people who have to deal with legacy codebases, where you can't pick and choose what JS framework the code's written in.

    P.S. Why 5 of the big 6, i.e. no jQuery?

  • @Joe: jQuery was in the original outline, but unfortunately it was a casualty of one of those shufflings of the author roster.

    Eventually I think it was a matter of getting the book out while the rest of the material was still relatively timely, versus finding another author to get the work done. I had hoped to cover it myself, but the need came right when I was in the middle of changing jobs and finishing our big move back from CA to MI. Ugh.

    Ironically, jQuery is the framework I spend most of my time with now since I started at Mozilla.

    But... another way to look at it is there are plenty of jQuery books out there, but only this one covers the rest of the big hitters in one volume. So, buy one of those other ones, and grab this one as your backup for most other occasions. :)

  • Hey Les,

    Congrats on getting the book out! I remember when you started writing that back in the Delicious days.

    Can't wait to read it!