Did you see that thing I just posted? Weird. Back when I used Dave Winer's OPML Editor, I used to have a daily habit of opening a new outline and popping over to it throughout the day to collect random thoughts.

I might build on one thing or another, and sometimes a full blog post would sprout out of one of them. Otherwise, I might just hit publish and put the whole outline as-is on the web.

I also tried using Eastgate Tinderbox for awhile like this. That was interesting for capturing constellations of thoughts, but I found it harder to put that into a web-ready form without reworking things into proper posts. An outline just seems to work as a bullet list.

These days, this sort of microblogging happens on Twitter. But, that's like dropping seeds into a running stream. In they go, and then they're gone. The impulse to get something out of my head is satisfied, but I never really come back to look at what came out or cultivate more.