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Wherein I rant at medium length about functional literacy and language competency in knowledge work and information technology.

Building my couch computing station

Remember when I posted about gaming from the Orchard House couch? The key part was figuring out how to get a laptop-quality LCD monitor working in the living room, preferably attached to my trusty IKEA DAVE. Well, despite my best attempts at ruining my materials and tools, I managed to get it built!

Freedom to Change Your Mind

I posted a few days ago about freedom of and from choice, but I think there’s something orthogonal to that spectrum: The freedom to change your mind, both figuratively and literally.

Freedom {of,from} Choice

Freedom of choice and freedom from choice lay on a spectrum. And, in technology, it’s no coincidence that more choice tends to be messier and complex, less choice tends to be cleaner and simple. It’s a trade-off between what you choose and what you leave up to an expert.