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Looking for a Django app to manage Roles within Groups

I want to add some team-based features to django-badger. I was hoping that someone had already built a reusable app to do most of the work for me. This happens quite a lot when I’m working with Django. Unfortunately, I haven’t quite found what I’m looking for yet. Consider this blog post either the product […]

KumaScript: Bringing scripting to the wiki bears

KumaScript turned one year old back at the end of January, and I’m sad to say no one celebrated its birthday – not even me. I’m pretty sure very few people outside of the core team at the Mozilla Developer Network even know what KumaScript is. So, I guess it’s about time I do something […]

My experience in becoming a FirefoxOS contributor

Back in September, I wrote that I wasn’t leaving MDN. And, I’m not, really. But, it turns out that FirefoxOS needs some help to reach its first release milestones. So, some of us webdevs from around Mozilla are temporarily switching our daily efforts over to slay bugs on Gaia. That’s the layer of FirefoxOS which […]

Privacy and Social Media

Somewhat apropos of what I posted recently about freedoms, there’s been a kerfuffle about Facebook and privacy (again). A particular post I just read kind of set me off, so I decided to expand on a comment I left there.

Freedom to Change Your Mind

I posted a few days ago about freedom of and from choice, but I think there’s something orthogonal to that spectrum: The freedom to change your mind, both figuratively and literally.

Freedom {of,from} Choice

Freedom of choice and freedom from choice lay on a spectrum. And, in technology, it’s no coincidence that more choice tends to be messier and complex, less choice tends to be cleaner and simple. It’s a trade-off between what you choose and what you leave up to an expert.

Developing Open Web Apps: First, get it onto the web

I’ve been interested in developing [open web apps][1] (aka the [single-page app][2]) for years. But, it feels like the space is really on fire now, since the advent of HTML5 tech and the recent moves by Mozilla and Google toward truly “appifying” these things to compete with offerings from iOS and Android. Lots of pieces have come into alignment, and [great things are coming together][3]—[never mind what the folks at Facebook say][4].

So, I think I’m going to build a simple app and blog about it. And, these days, the first thing I think about when starting a web app is: How do I get it onto the web?

On the other end of a self-imposed death march project

So, I’m a couple of weeks back from a well-deserved vacation taken after the launch of a project well over 18 months in the making. I kind of overworked myself, voluntarily, and that needs to change.

Note to self File a bug to get…

Note to self: File a bug to get the Mozilla tag feed here added to Planet Mozilla

How webdev has been getting better

So, in the last thing I posted, I wrote about how fixing problems on live web sites feels like fixing space robots. At Mozilla, though, things have been getting steadily better and more interesting: There’s still the sysadmin-as-remote-pair-of-hands-driven-by-trouble-tickets thing going on, but less so every day. More and more, we’re getting into continuous deployment. Our […]

How webdev is like space exploration

This isn’t so much a complaint as a set of observations: Sometimes, as a webdev, diagnosing and fixing issues on a live site in production gives me sympathy for NASA scientists dealing with remote space probes. And, that’s because I generally don’t have direct access to the servers. Instead, my access is mediated through sysadmins […]